Tiesto 'In the Booth' Episode 5 (Mexico, EDC Las Vegas)

I continue to be amused by these so let's continue to post them; this time Tiesto takes on Mexico and EDC Las Vegas. That EDC festival looks pretty intense but with 220,000 people what kind of view and dancing room will you have? I still prefer clubs to large outdoor festivals.

Tiesto at Escapade Music Festival (July 1st, 2011) Canada DayI wonder whether the Tiesto 'in the booth' series will be covering the Escapade Music Festival In Ottawa last year? The reason why I'm somewhat speculative on this is because the EDC Las Vegas stop last year was on June 26th, 2011 and when Tiesto hit Ottawa it was on Canada Day. That being said the next episode will be covering his stop in Bucharest which is actually before the EDC Las Vegas stop. One can hope though.

I remember hustling my a$$ off trying to get into that venue before Tiesto came on and around 30 minutes before he came out the parking lot was virtually empty. I was able to slip into the third row without the slightest difficulty. It was a bit surreal watching one of the top DJs in the world take the stage and feeling like it was almost like a private event for the first half of his set.