Sander Van Doorn Event Recap (Barrymore's, Feb 7th, 2012)

Ottawa welcomed Sander Van Doorn to the nation's capital with a sold out event yesterday as he rocked the crowd with 2 hours of relentless fun.

I first saw Sander Van Doorn in September 2011 when he played at the Electric Zoo in New York and in that event he primarily played vocal infused tracks back to back to back so I was pleasantly surprised to watch Sander switch it up a bit last night by offering a different sound.

The biggest crowd receptions (as in the crowd collectively jumping up and down which made the dance floor turn into a trampoline) were Sander Van Doorn's biggest hits that include Koko, Love is Darkness and more recent releases including Slap my Pitch Up, and Who's Wearing the Cap.

The biggest surprise of the night for me personally was how good Steve Jobs ft. Angger Dimas by Steve Aoki sounded live, it was a real banger! Prior to the show I was really on the fence on whether I really liked that track or not but now I love it. Granted I still believe that it's not the best sound to play in your bedroom but live at Barrymore's it's a guaranteed win.

Not the best quality photo but I love how it shows the vibe and energy from the dancefloor

Sander Van Doorn stayed a little after this set to autograph anything for his fans (Check out the video below). It was another solid night for EDM in Ottawa!