More events added/Reaction to Barrymore's article/tickets go on sale today for Gemini/Koan Sound @ Babylon

I added a few new events to the calendar:

Saturday, February 11th - Ariyan @ Barrymore's

Saturday, February 18th - Kid SL @ Barrymore's

I recently found this article via reddit describing how Barrymore's is transforming itself into an EDM destination and decided to share it here because it's basically stating what we all know already - that the Ottawa EDM scene is exploding and that Barrymore's is just savy enough to capitalize on this trend by offering up their amazing venue primarily to DJ events. It's a great quid pro quo arrangement as EDM fans get a great venue without a bad seat in the house while the venue gets steady income from our patronage. If you have any opinions on this please shoot me a reply on my twitter account @edmottawa.

One last bit of info: Tickets officially went on sale today the Gemini/Koan Sound (UKF Dubstep) @ Babylon. Tickets start at $15 with a special promo code that gives you $3 off.