Wednesday, April 15th - Project 46 (Raise For Alex Benefit Event) @ FlyBar

Important note: 100% of donations, bar sales & door donated to Alex & his family.

Location: Flybar, 158 1/2 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 9J9 (Google Maps)

Time: 9:00 pm – 2:30 am

DJs: Project 46, Just Kyle

Age: 19+


Alexander Sanghwan Fundraising Campaign

On March 29th 2015 at approximately 5:30am in Miami Florida, Alexander Sanghwan became a victim of a horrible incident.  Upon exiting a nightclub during the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival with his brother and a friend, Alex was struck by a vehicle in what turned out to be a hit and run incident.

The 22 year old Ottawa native and resident has just graduated from Bio-Med Sciences at the University of Ottawa and was in the process of being admitted in Med School.  Always the first to lend a hand, support others, to get involved and to try and make a difference, Alex is truly loved and respected by all who know him; colleagues, friends and family alike.

Alex is also a member of the Dreammind Group, one of Ontario’s largest Entertainment and Hospitality Group where every week, he shows up to work with his enchanting smile and helps grow, promote and build the entertainment scene in Ottawa.  It is a tragedy that Alex would suffer such a horrible incident while visiting Miami for one of the biggest music gatherings in the world.

As Alex and his brother were both visiting their parents, who reside in Florida as well as enjoying their passion and taking full advantage of everything this amazing week of music has to offer when this atrocity that befallen upon Alex has left him in a coma.

Alex suffers from multiple broken bones, a very serious head injury, induced coma and potential long term nerve and brain damage.  In addition to life changing injuries, he is now running the chance to forever be indebted as the costs related to his recovery and wellbeing are exorbitant.

The Dreammind Group is calling upon all its employees, supporters, artists, suppliers, clients and performers to do whatever is in their power to generate awareness to this situation, to raise funds and to donate so that at least, Alex and his family, will not have to worry about the financial burden of medical bills and will be able to concentrate upon the arduous recovery process.

The Dreammind Group will also host a massive fundraiser event on Wednesday April 15th at 9:00pm inside Flybar, located at 158.5 Rideau Street in Ottawa, where 100% of all donations and 100% of all bar sales will be donated to Alex.

Help now by creating awareness throughout social media and donate right away at