Dzeko talks about his new solo career, latest track, and his VIP living room experience at Dreams Festival (Interview)

Dzeko, formerly of the Toronto duo Dzeko & Torres, is quickly establishing a name for himself in his new solo career. With Tiesto as a mentor, this Canadian artist has maintained a strong Las Vegas presence with regular sets at the hottest clubs like Hakkasan and Wet Republic. This weekend at Dreams, in association with Bud Light, Dzeko will be hosting a special VIP area that includes a "live like a headliner" experience. In this interview Dzeko talks about his future creative path as a solo artist, what he's up to at Dreams, and more. 

EDM Canada: “California” is a huge track – how did it come about?

Dzeko: I started working on a remix in LA, but that remix never was released. We liked the instrumentals of the track so much that we had to get lyrics for it. We reached out to Delay Jane and Shaun Frank who helped with the lyrics for the song. We played it for Tiesto and the song came alive from there.  He loved it so much and ended up signing it to his label. 

Does “California” represent a new artistic direction for you?

Not a change in a direction, but this is one of the many styles of music that you’ll be seeing from me in the future

Will we see more chillwave tracks like “California” or “Liberty” from Dzeko?

Yes, I am planning to put out similar tracks – watch  out for more in September. 

It's been about 9 months since your split with Torres – does this new solo direction feel like a fresh start for you?

It is, and it isn’t. I came from a duo, so starting out a new act on my own feels like I’m starting from the bottom again. I have to work harder now that it’s just my name.

You have a huge presence in Las Vegas, do you owe a lot of that success to Tiesto?

Of course – I have always wanted to DJ in Vegas and after becoming friends with Tiesto, he has helped me build my name there and I am so grateful.

You're doing something special for Dreams Festival with Bud Light – what's happening?

Yes – I am giving music fans the chance to live like a headliner at my Bud Light Living Room at Dreams Festival. As someone who travels around the world and performs at some of the world’s largest festivals, I’m taking music lovers behind the scenes with an all access experience that’s once-in-a-lifetime.

Music fans can still attend – there are just a few spots left! Book your spot at

What's next for Dzeko? Any new releases that you can reveal?

I have a lot on the go - some new tracks, a brand new EP and even a collaboration with Tiesto is coming soon. I am so excited for what’s to come in 2017.

Dzeko will be hosting a special "live like a headliner" VIP package on Friday and Saturday at Bud Light Dreams Festival. The package includes VIP transportation, an opportunity to chill with Dzeko, elevated lounge seating overlooking the main stage, and transportation + special space for the Dreams Afterparty. Limited tickets are available, click here for more information.

For set times, afterparty information, and everything else Bud Light Dreams Festival related - click here.