Zeds Dead showcases fresh talent for the first Deadbeats compilation

There are a lot of ways to gain a good first impression, and in terms of a label wanting to put their best foot forward, there is nothing more satisfying than releasing a strong debut compilation. Deadbeats is the brain child of the Toronto duo Zeds Dead, and they have just released a compilation with 9 tracks that showcases the label's diversity. 

What makes this compilation exciting is all of the newer names attached to the release including Kid Froopy, who's excellent chill track called "Show Me" kicked off the compilation. This was followed by the dark track "Matrix" by Toronto's Rezz, who's on a fast pace on becoming one of the most in demand DJ's on the planet. Other notable new artists attached to this release includes Nebbra and his catchy track "You", which was previously released as a standalone EP on Deadbeats. It would be a disservice not to mention the duo SMLE and their very addicting chill track called "By My Side", another highlight. 

The icing on the cake was Zeds Dead own submission titled "Woman Wine", which felt like a throwback tune to their dubstep roots. 

Overall the first Deadbeats compilation is a resounding success and eagerly await more music and compilations in the future. 

Deadbeats Compilation 1 Tracklist:

1. Kid Froopy - "Show Me"
2. Rezz - "Matrix" 
3. Pusher - "Mayweather" ft. Heckz
4. Zeds Dead - "Woman Wine"
5. Nebbra - "You" ft. Mike Sabath
6. SMLE - "By My Side"
7. Blount - "Softly"
8. Megalodon - "Watch This Bounce" 
9. Memorecks - "Raging Dreams"

To preview the full compilation or purchase it outright - click here