Steve Angello is involved in making a brand new EDM TV drama called "The Drop"

Steve Angello is attached to a brand new EDM TV drama series called "The Drop" as an executive music producer. Bought by the CW/CBS TV Studios, the show will be set in Miami and here's a little taste of the plot: 

"Set in the sexy, nonstop world of Miami’s electronic dance music scene, The Drop centers on a DJ teetering on the edge of ruin who finds hope (and more) in a gifted protégé who is female and African-American, both rarities in the EDM world."

Trying to bring the electronic dance music world onto the big screen hasn't been easy, but will Steve Angello's new project succeed? It's worth giving it a shot as Steve Angello is a veteran with a strong point of view about the scene. He doesn't need to take on new ventures at this point in his career to make a quick buck. If any artist can make an EDM TV show succeed, it's Steve Angello. 

(Source: Deadline, VIA DA)