Veld Music Festival will be offering a 40% refund to ticket holders

This year's summer festival season in Toronto has been plagued by bad weather. Things kicked off with Bestival and GoHARD Toronto being rained on, followed by a full day cancellation of Digital Dreams. With Veld you would think Toronto fans would catch a break but unfortunately it wasn't in the cads as part of the first day was delayed, and the 2nd half of the last day was cancelled due to extreme weather. Realizing this, the organizers of Veld have graciously given a 40% refund of this year's event to all valid ticket holders. This will help take the sting off as fans, some of whom stretch hard to afford these events, will get much needed cash back. 

Hopefully 2016 will give Toronto the summer weather they deserve, and with time, this year's events will be distant memory.