Must-listen: Dr. Fresch gives away "Superfreak" for free

Dr. Fresch is an L.A. future house producer and he has uploaded a fresh track called "Superfreak' which smashes together many different genres into one tune. Read what the artist has to say about the track below: 

"Superfreak is, in a lot of ways a culmination of the different genre styles that have contributed to the Dr. Fresch brand from day one until now. As in many of my works, I draw a stark contrast between the emotions and sounds in the breakdown versus the drop, but tie these radically different sounds together with just a few key elements - in this case those elements happen to be the disco / funk synths I used, which I felt (along with the sample obviously) contributed to the title “Superfreak”. The song mixes elements of bass, deep, future and melodic house to create something ready for the club or just your bluetooth, hope my fans enjoy this one! ;)" - Dr. Fresch

This track is a must-listen, enjoy: 

If you want to grab "Superfreak" for free, click here