The Chainsmokers have shifted their style and the results couldn't be better

One of the most interesting places on Soundcloud at this moment is over at The Chainsmokers corner as they have been putting out noteworthy tracks over the past several months. The transformation of their style started with the catchy original "Let You Go", a simple yet addictive track features the vocals of Great Good Fine Ok: 

As reported by Billboard, "Let You Go" was actually first started before their hit smash "#Selfie", and I'm so glad that they've decided to polish it up and release it now. 

A few days ago they released a new original called "Roses" featuring the vocals of Rozes which is currently residing #1 on Hypem: 

They co-wrote the lyrics which makes it even more impressive. Honestly, I believe that "Roses" is going to be one of these summer anthems that I will find myself going back to again and again on my playlist. 

The Chainsmokers are making whatever inspires them and I'm extremely excited to hear what else this duo has in store for us in the future. 

The Chainsmokers will be appearing at FVDED In The Park on Saturday, July 4th in Vancouver (Click here to enter to win two tickets to this FVDED!). They will also be in Toronto for Veld, click here for more information.