Watch ASOT 700 live sets by Cosmic Gate, Bryan Kearney, Andrew Rayel, and Aly & Fila from Buenos Aires in HD

On April 11th the largest ASOT event to happen outside of Amsterdam took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For those not in the know, Argentina is a hotbed for trance as fans from that region continually support all of the major acts and many artists consider that country their favourite spot to play in. 

Luckily for those that couldn't attend, a few key artists have uploaded their full set in HD on Youtube for our viewing enjoyment. Get ready because these sets are absolutely massive, enjoy: 

Cosmic Gate

Bryan Kearney

Bryan Kearney will be in Calgary this Friday with Sneijder at the Marquee Beer Market & Stage - click here for more information.

Andrew Rayel

Andrew Rayel will be in Calgary on May 15th at Flames Central; He'll also be in Edmonton on May 16th; and in Vancouver on May 17th. This summer he'll be coming to Montreal at the Beach Club on July 19th.

Aly & Fila