My talk with Super8 & Tab about their latest album "Unified" (Interview)

Super8 & Tab had a busy 2014 as they spent countless hours in the studio working on and finally releasing their latest album Unified. A 14 track album of melodic trance music that will take you on a journey of discovery and wonderment. It took the Finnish duo 4 years to finish Unified and I was excited to talk to them about it in detail. Please enjoy this extensive interview with Tab as he explained all of the hard work it took to create their latest project. 

EDM Canada: Super8 & Tab had a huge 2014 with the release of your much anticipated Unified album – how did it feel to finally release that album after you put so much work in the studio?

Tab (Super 8 & Tab): It was a lot of work (laughs). We started working on it after the Empire album but then we decided to take a break to create a few club tracks. We wanted to have fun in the studio before taking on another huge project. But 18 months prior to the release of Unified, we really pushed hard in the studio. But we are super super happy with the result. It's been wonderful being able to play those tracks during our gigs see the reactions from the crowd. The hard work paid off.

It's also a good learning curve as we put ourselves outside of our comfort zone for this album to create a journey. We also collaborated so many different artists which was very exciting. Working with BT for 18 straight hours in the studio was a great experience.

What you did to push yourself outside of your comfort zone for this album?

We couldn't create Empire all over again, so we tried to create a new sound for us. That's not always easy but it's a good challenge. Finding a new sound for us was one of the reasons why we wanted to do the album, while still keeping it sounding like Super8 & Tab.

Unified strikes me as album that was very well thought out as every track flowed well into the next one. Did you design it to be that way or did it just happen that the tracks fell into the right place?

It was not designed, but it was our goal. For example, we created the track “Clairvoyant” because we felt that we needed something new at that point in the album (Track 9).

You recently had the track “Rubicon” remixed by 3 artists – can you tell a bit about that?

We wanted to have a couple of guys from Finland work on remixing “Rubicon”. The first one is Orkidea, who's more in the pure trance scene and has been around for a long time. He's a really good friend of ours and we really wanted his sound on the release. The other is Yotto, who is actually working in the same studio as us. We really like his housey/progressive sound. Just in case you didn't know, Yotto is actually part of the group “Something Good”. And of course we have Jaytech, who is like a brother to us.

Can we expect any more tracks from Unified that will receive remix treatment?

“Patience” is going to be the next track that will get a remix from the album, and that track features the vocals of Julia Thompson. Tom Fall will be remixing it, who also happens to be from Finland.

How do you view the state of the trance scene in 2015?

Big guys like Hardwell and Tiesto are saying they want to do trance. I don't know what type of trance they want to do, but I think there's definitely still a place for trance music in the scene today, even more so than last year. The pure trance and the “Who's Afraid of 138”s movements are growing all of the time, and we're seeing a good market for what we're doing as well. We're also seeing how busy guys like Ilan Bluestone, Jason Ross, and Andrew Bayer are these days. The Anjunabeats sound has been picked up from all over the world and that's great news.

Anjunabeats is on fire these days – are they leading the way for trance at the moment?

Anjunabeats is releasing a new type of sound and there's a demand for that. Above & Beyond are currently on their biggest bus tour yet and they are growing all the time. At the same time, they are ambassadors of the Anjunabeats sound. So this type of sound is more popular than ever.

What can your Canadian fans expect from your future shows?

Of course we're going to play tracks from the album, while wanting to a play some old Super8 & Tab tracks, like “L.A.”, “Black Is The New Yellow”, etc. We've already starting to create new tracks in the studio and we plan to test them on the road. We are also planning to play our brand new remix of “Yai (Here We Go Again)” by Cosmic Gate and JES.

My thanks to Tab from Super8 & Tab for this excellent interview! If you want to buy the Unified album, you can grab it on Beatport right now by clicking here