Ultra Music Festival to be broadcast on Twitch this year

 Photo by Rukes

Photo by Rukes

Twitch made a huge move into the EDM world today being named the video streaming platform of choice for the Ultra Music Festival (UMF). The Ultra Music Festival will take place in Miami and is set to start this weekend (March 27th - 29th). Historically Ultra has gained the loyalty of millions of online viewers to their UMF stream each year and it's fair to expect the same kind numbers this year. 

I am a big fan of the Twitch network because of its gamer friendly platform that allowed a whole industry of streamers to make a living out of playing video games. The Twitch community is generally very tight knit with their own culture of emoticons. Newer visitors not used to the experience will find itbewildering at first, but don't worry because it's easy to pick up. 

Twitch recently made moves to branch out of the e-sports world into music with their recently installed Beta Music Service category that allows labels like Monstercat to create a music channel that thousands of fans listen to at any given time. 

The move to bring UMF to Twitch is a big move for both parties and it's going to be very interesting to see how music EDM fans and gamers will interact in the live chat. So get your kappa's ready as the EDM world is about invade Twitch - I can't wait!

The action starts on March 27th, click below to subscribe to the channel ASAP: