Bud Light Sensation returns to Toronto on November 29th

Tickets went on sale to the general public today for the next Bud Light Sensation, which is set to take place at the Rogers Centre on Saturday, November 29th. Check out the official trailer: 

This year's theme is called "Into The Wild", here's a description on what 30,000 fans will get to experience that night: 

"This year’s show ‘Into The Wild’, is all about releasing your inner animal and compares modern day nightlife to the universal laws of the animal kingdom. From the awakening of the wild animals, to chasing and catching the prey, all they way to celebrating victory."

Want a sneak peek of what the new theme will look like in action? Check out the aftermovie for Sensation Italy, click here to view it now.

The lineup Sensation 2014 is yet to be announced but tickets are now available starting at $126.20, click below for more information: