Frozen + Armin = Awesome

When I first heard that Disney invited a few choice artists to remix famous Disney songs, I was immediately skeptical. It felt like a stretch, like Disney had made a business-inspired move to embrace electronic dance music because it was simply popular and the "in" sound at the moment. But according to Armin Van Buuren in yesterday's A State of Trance broadcast, they gave him carte blanche and allowed him to remix the track any way he'd like. I was pleasantly surprised by the results, check it out: 

What do you think? I'd say Armin Van Buuren did an outstanding track of creating a breathtaking and uplifting remix of the Oscar winning track from Frozen. 

Armin Van Buuren will be in Toronto for his only Eastern Canada stop of the Armin Only tour on Saturday, April 19th - click here for more information.