Afrojack was hospitalized + Stefan from Dada Life flies to Sweden for urgent surgery

What's going on in Miami this year? First we get news that Avicii was hospitalized for unknown reasons, now we received news that Afrojack went to the hospital earlier tonight as well: 


The bad news doesn't stop there as Stefan, one half of Dada Life, has flown back to Sweden for "urgent abdominal surgery". Here's the message posted on earlier today: 

"We wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately Stefan has had to fly back to Sweden to have some urgent abdominal surgery. It has to be done now to prevent more serious conditions in the future, as of right now we don’t know the recovery time but will have a timeline from the doctors in the coming days and will keep you all posted.

For the upcoming shows this weekend in Miami, Las Vegas and Boise please note that Olle will be coming and playing a full Dada Life show.

Do The Dada"

This is a message to all of the DJs and fans down in Miami this week: please stay safe!