Lunice talks about the current hiatus of TNGHT

Here's what Lunice, the Montreal artist who is one half of TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke, had to say about the current hiatus of the duo:

"Thump: From what I understand TNGHT isn’t finished but it’s on a hiatus. Do you see yourself reuniting with Hudson Mohawke at some point in time?

Lunice: Of course. That’s what we determined was the best way to work together. It’s how the project started in the first place. In a typical situation a person would reach another individual and say, “Hey we should do this project.” They get together, but all of a sudden they’re together for too long and become a duo...

.....Hud Mo is going to have his album out. I’m going to have my album out. I haven’t heard any of his new stuff, and he hasn’t heard any of my new stuff. We’re going to hear each other’s work and get new ideas, rather than building off the TNGHT project. It’ll keep it fresh every time..."


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