Seth Troxler: "Everyone plays the same shit - repetitive tech house stuff..."

Last week Music Radar was able to engage the always interesting Seth Troxler in a discussion about his career, DJ'ing, and much more: 

"Everyone plays the same shit - repetitive tech house stuff, and it just lacks the soul that music used to have. Also, when music is made on machines everything is so different - even the swing of the track, the whole vibe..."

Here's a bonus quote on how Seth learned how to mix:

"It wasn't until a friend of mine said, 'yo, just listen to the claps; if the claps match then the beat will match', and forever after that's been how I mix. A lot of people mix at the kick, but the kick is too hard to determine if it's perfect. Sonically, it's how the claps go through the mix that makes it easy to see if it's perfectly aligned, so that became my ethos in learning how to DJ."

The entire interview is worth the time to read, click here to read it now.