Igloofest and Brrrrr! reviewed

Igloofest and the Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival are two of Canada's largest outdoor festivals taking place in Montreal and Toronto respectively. I recently read two good articles reviewing both of these events and they're both good reads: 

Billboard recently visited Montreal's Igloofest: 

“Fifty percent of the crowd is not here for electronic music,” explains Michel Quintal, one of the co-founders and Director of Programming and Sponsorships for Igloofest. “They’re here for the experience, the fun, the party. Our job is to find those creative, interesting, artistic DJs who can also please those people too.”

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Press Play Pro was there to review the Brrrrr! Music Festival and according to them Bassjackers and Sharam stole the show:

"Sharam was then up to close the night and he came in hard with a heavy hitting baseline that shook the dome.  After a few tracks, he was able to get the groove right back at where it needed to be and everyone was able to get into the music, forgetting about their surroundings."

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