Steve Angello hints at what to expect from his upcoming album

 Photo by Rukes

Photo by Rukes

Steve Angello spoke to inthemix about his upcoming album and his desire to create music rather than focusing on making hits: 

“...I’ve gone a little indie with this album. It’s very minimal in production. It’s very scaled down, very melodic. It’s a little melancholic. I’m Swedish. It’s dark 90 percent of the year there. That definitely comes through"... “Every song has a story. You’re working on something that tells a story about your life, which can be awkward. This has been something I’ve wanted to do my whole life but I’ve never had the guts to do it. I feel it’s time for a change in my career. I want to make a real artist album and not just throw out 15 dance songs...."

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There is no set date for the release but I'm definitely not the only one wondering what Steve Angello will create for fans in this album.