Must-read article on the Footwork nightclub in Toronto

The GridTO has written a must-read article on the history on the recently closed Footwork Nightclub, here's an excerpt: 

"Smye and Philion met in the early 2000s, while waiters at Brassai. The two talked music. Philion got to hear Smye DJ, loved his take on house, and invited the DJ to check a club sound system that was just gathering dust at the time.

“I expected a couple of JBLs beside a TV or something like that,” admits Smye. “But, basically, the bass bins that would later be in Footwork were laid out flat across Steph’s bedroom floor. He had to crawl over them to get to his bed."

This should be required reading for Toronto clubbers wanting to know more about the scene and how Footwork was integral at keeping the underground vibe alive for years. With the opening of CODA late last year, Toronto underground lovers now have multiple venues to call their home. 

Click here to read the full article now.

(VIA @GrooveTheGlobe)