Here are 3 trance albums that require your attention

Over the last few months there have been several fantastic trance albums/compilations that might have been overlooked. I have listed 3 below that you should check out immediately if you want to hear some of the best trance music released in the 2nd half of the year: 

1. Super8 & Tab's "Unified" Album

This album is perfect. One of the best of the year. From the first track to it's last, Super8 & Tab have carefully crafted a tracklist that flows so easily that once it's over the only thing to do is to press repeat. 

2. Giuseppe Ottaviani Presents "Go On Air"

This is an album almost made entirely of unknown producers that Giuseppe Ottaviani personally crafted together in a 35 track release. Prior to release, all of these tracks were unreleased so if you want to hear the freshest trance music out there, go check this compilation out. 

3. Solarstone Presents "Pure Trance 3": Mixed by Solarstone & Bryan Kearney

Created by Solarstone, the Pure Trance brand has only been getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. This sound is specifically catered to the purist trance fan who wants to keep trance as melodic as possible and sticking to its roots. This compilation is partially mixed by Bryan Kearney, who is no stranger to the harder styles of trance. But in "Pure Trance 3", you can expect to hear the softer side of Bryan Kearney which shows that he can play much more than 140 BPM trance.