The making of Bud Light Sensation "Into The Wild" (Video)

Bud Light Sensation is about to return to Toronto next month at the Rogers Center with a new theme and show that will be sure to top last year's spectacular event. This year's lineup includes Eric Prydz, Afrojack, Bingo Players, Baggi Begovic, and Mr. White. There is so much work that goes into making one of these massive events that Sensation has released a video series detailing the preparation into making the Amsterdam version of the show go off without a hitch, check it out: 

Tickets are still available for Bud Light Sensation on Saturday, November 29th at the Rogers Center. There is a special promo for everyone that purchases their ticket via my link where they'll get a chance of winning an official t-shirt and a complementary VIP upgrade! For tickets, click below: