Read this opinion piece about the DJ Mag top 100 poll

An excerpt from a post by Do Androids Dance

"It’s hard to believe that DJs who are actually dope DJs constantly get the short end of the stick in this poll. And while I recognize that this poll is bullshit, it’s a) one of the most talked-about DJ rankings in the world and b) going to be used in umpteen promotional emails for these DJs as badges of honor."  - Khal 

Khal is the Editor-In-Chief of Do Androids Dance, a fantastic resource for new electronic dance music tracks and artists. He wrote a long post today about the DJ Mag Top 100 results and how they're not representative of who is actually the "best" DJ or even what's going on with the wider variety of genres that attracts huge crowds worldwide. It's a great read, so click here to read it now.


DJ Mag wrote an analysis of this year's results and asked the question of whether EDM is RIP. First of all, EDM is not a genre, it's a broad umbrella term that covers all sorts of genres including what's happening in the underground scene like techno, house, and more. It's unfortunate to see a publication like DJ Mag make the mistake of calling it a genre, which it is not. 

Bonus article: "DJ mag's List of Top 100 DJs is About to Drop - and it's Bullshit" by Thump.