Listen and download Will Atkinson's Mainline "best of 2013" mix

Will Atkinson's Mainline radio show is like a breath of fresh air, do you know why? Because you never know what you'll get. He keeps it fresh by eclectic tracklisting and off the cuff MC'ing which makes his Mainline show one of my favourites to listen to whenever he decides to upload one. In this episode, you'll get to listen to all of his favourite tracks from 2013 all squeezed into an hour broadcast, enjoy:

To download this now, click here.


ILS - Still crazy (Under This remix)
Oga - Ap3x
Dave the Drummer - Twinkletoes
DK8 - Murder was the Bass (Klonez Remix)
Peter Hulsmans - Aggressive
Outer Pulse - Silk
Meller - Catch my Soul
The Technicians - Tri Polar
Jase Thirlwall - Thunderflash
Rootless - Funk me in
Chris Chambers - Karita