Skrillex is definitely playing new music this weekend in the U.K

Skrillex told BBC's DJ Zane Lowe that he will be playing his first "proper Skrillex" festival show this year with brand new tracks this weekend in the U.K:  

"This is the first time I've played a proper Skrillex show at a festival all year, actually. So I'm excited to play some new music and we have new visuals and stuff that we're working with."

Asked whether his new music will be released, he replied: "For sure – sooner rather than later, I'd say sooner. I have a lot of music right now, I have more songs than an album. Will it be two releases or will it be one release? I don't know."

(Source: Mixmag

Sonny Moore is definitely up to something this weekend as he even asked the BBC Reading Festival NOT to film his set:

This all points to a potentially brand new album and more than likely a new tour to support it in the near future. The question is, will it be released this year or in 2014?