Kaskade uploads a fresh 1 hour mix from his live set in Las Vegas

Kaskade uploaded an hour mix from a recent live set at his "Summer Lovin" residency in Marquee Las Vegas, check it out:

This is an impressive mix that shows the diversity of Kaskade's live sets which can take you from big room sounds that you regularly hear in festivals to underground tracks that are played so often in Ibiza. Kaskade is proving a point that Las Vegas is changing for the better as it's more willing to support its electronic talent. He wrote a short essay on his tumblr detailing the new Las Vegas scene:

"Las Vegas seems to have accidentally created the most fertile and nurturing home that Electronic Music has seen in the past two decades. Far from his old-time dodgy tricks, the landscapes that Vegas has built for his DJs and their audiences are lush. The clubs have the best, top-of-the-line sound systems. Music sounds better in Vegas. It just does. The light programming is beyond what most places will even dream of a decade from now. The crowds come from everywhere. Not only the nearby states but continents across every ocean. This setting creates a place where a DJ can stretch out and push the boundaries of where they usually go. This setting provides a previously unimaginable training ground for the up-and-comer looking to cut their teeth in style. This setting has been long, slow and steady in it’s coming. But it’s here now. Las Vegas is the DJ’s new hero." 

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