Have you ever heard of Dennis Waakop Reijers? Well you should...

With all of this talk about "star/silent-partner relationship" as of late, I thought it would be a good idea to post the most important interview that I've ever read in this realm when Beatport sat down with Dennis Waakop Reijers last year. Who is he you ask? Well according to discogs.com:

"The "unknown" producer of Tiësto. Dennis and Tijs met in the summer of 1998. Tijs asked him as a test to do a remix request for him. Since then they have worked together.

Tijs refers to them as "The Band". In Dennis' contract it says he can work with others, and release own material, but according to himself he doesn't have time for it."

With only 1 track listed officially under his name in Beatport, Dennis Waakop Reijers has admitted that he had a part to play in the production on two of Tiesto's most famous tracks:

"Q: What would you say your proudest production moment is?

Dennis Waakop Reijers: There are several. From the “Silence” remix I produced for Tiesto, which was a big success in a lot of countries, to Tiesto’s live opening in the GelreDome, using ”Adagio For Strings.” Of course, also the first time I heard my own production on radio."

To read a revealing interview about a topic not usually covered in the EDM world, go and check out the full interview over at Beatport.