German professional tennis player discusses the difficulty of getting into Berghain

Andrea Petkovic, a German professional tennis player known for celebrating her wins with a little victory dance , talked with Sports Illustrated about Berlin's premiere underground club, Berghain. Apparently it's pretty tough to get in if you are a tourist: Let’s say someone is visiting Germany for the first time. What advice would you give to ensure the quintessential German experience?

Petkovic: Go to a club in Berlin called Berghain. They don’t let tourists in, so this is the challenge. They let in transvestites, people who are tattooed from here [points at face] to here [points at waist] or extreme hipsters. You go inside and you don’t see anything. It’s all black. But they have the best electronic deejays. I don’t really like electronic music, but if they’re good deejays, they know how to pull it off somehow. And you don’t go there before 4 a.m. because it’s just empty. You party until 1 p.m. So they’re probably not going to let in the nice Midwestern dad wearing a hip pack and a baseball cap.

Petkovic: Probably not [laughs]. For them, tourists are people who are not living in Berlin. So even for us, you have to look really Berlin-esque to get in. We’re all dressing up crazy and drawing tattoos and we’re like, “Please let us in!”

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