Creamfields 2013 is stepping up with new "Hurricane" stage

As reported by Dancing Astronaut:  

"Having already announced a £500,000 (approximately $765,000) investment in site maintenance and modifications for this year’s event, the infamous British festival has announced plans to bring a brand new stage production to the unsuspecting Cheshire countryside. True to the North American penchant for overbearing productions, the aptly named “Hurricane” will offer a 360-degree experience to attendees, rallying FX towers and the mainstay pyrotechnics that have hallmarked global festival culture over the past several years."

With increased competition for festival dollars all over the world, Creamfields is upping the stakes by offering a 360-degree experience that might leave fans in awe. Check out the promo video:  

Ultra has the mega-structure, Insomniac has a giant owl, and now Creamfields is rolling out the "Hurricane"  - competition is good.

Creamfields will be held from August 23rd until the 25th in the UK, click here for more info.