Lange Recordings hits its 100th release

Created in 2004, Lange Recordings hit a major milestone by presenting its 100th release to the world - congratulations! To celebrate, Lange has put together a special album with 20 tracks hand picked by Lange himself to reflect on the last 9 years. Lange Recordings 100, which is set to be released on August 5th, will be accompanied by 2 remix packages that features remixes from up and coming producers from Lange Recordings like Noah Neiman and Stephen Kirkwood:

Here's the tracklist for Lange Recordings 100:  

1. Lange Presents Firewall – Kilimanjaro (Original Mix)
2. Szartd & Trancejax – Tenso (Original Mix)
3. Deep Voices – Heart Of Glass (Original Mix)
4. Tangle & Mateusz – Minotaur (Original Mix)
5. Lele Troniq – Under The Spotlight (Original Mix)
6. RAM Pres. Gecko & Adam Seller – Dizko (Original Mix)
7. Jamie Walker – For A Lifetime (Original Mix)
8. D-Mad – Fireball (Original Mix)
9. Johnny Yono – Orion (Original Mix)
10. Lange vs Gareth Emery – Back On Track (Original Mix)
11. Steve Brian – Starlight (Original Mix)
12. Lange pres. LNG – Brandalism (Lange Mix)
13. Lange Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw – Sincere For You (Original Mix)
14. Noah Neiman – Endorush (Original Mix)
15. Lange Feat Stine Grove – Crossroads (Original Mix)
16. Las Salinas Vs. Gofman & Tsukerman – El Clasico (Original Mix)
17. Alex Larichev & Rusty Spica – We Are One (Original Mix)
18. Lange & Susana – Risk Worth Taking (Original Mix)
19. Lee Osborne – Omission (Original Mix)
20. Ija (aka Pulser) – You Are Here (Original Mix)