Deadmau5 vs. Afrojack part II

Earlier in the year Deadmau5 and Afrojack battled over Twitter about the contentious issue of "pressing play", now it's about generic and formulaic EDM. In an unusual feud between two superstars in the industry, Deadmau5 and Afrojack have upped the stakes and took their duel over to Soundcloud to poke fun at each other.

A few days ago Afrojack uploaded a new track called "something_", which is a stab at Deadmau5's alternative track names for unfinished tracks. Afrojack created an equally unvarnished track with an awkward 22 second silence at the end:

Deadmau5, never one to be outdone, had released an equally ridiculous track named "DROP DA BOMB outerspace mix" with the tag "sameStep":

Joel's retort goes way beyond Afrojack as his track makes fun at the entire Beatport top 10, which has been recently under fire for being too generic. Deadmau5 acknowledges that his latest salvo has been inspired by "KhazmProductions" who posted a funny video called "How to Make a Beatport Chart Topper":

Will this latest exchange be the end of this little EDM feud or does it still have legs? Only time will tell.