Top 5 unforgettable moments from Sensation Canada

It's almost been one week since the very first Sensation in Canada at the Rogers Centre on June 1st and I'm still buzzing. The atmosphere, music, production and so many more factors came together to create a night that was simply magical. So to celebrate the event I have compiled my 5 unforgettable moments from Sensation Canada:

1. The sea of white

To see 25,000+ people all dressed in white under one roof and ready to party is an awe inspiring sight. United together to enjoy the music, it felt like there was a sense of community that I will never forget.

2. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

This Dutch duo stole the show on Saturday night as they packed as many incredible tracks into their one hour set. Playing a mix of recent hits and classics, but always unified by the rhythmic drums, SJ & RM rocked Rogers Centre and left the crowd wanting more. They clearest vision in how they wanted their performance to unfold and for that reason, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano won the set of the night at Sensation Canada.

3. The 'Ocean of White' Production

The stage production played a big part in enhancing the fans' overall experience. The stage, lighting, lazers, pyrotechnics, dancers all gave a "wow" factor more than a few times during the night. Simply put, Sensation Canada put on a show in this country that was unparallelled and unforgettable.

4. Mr. White

When Mr. White took the stage at 8 pm, the crowd that was there since 6 pm were more than ready to party and Mr. White delivered. He set the tone for the evening by delivering a strong opening set replete with sexy grooves and no nonsense house music. He also had a great personality behind the decks and certainly earned his place as the DJ that gets to travel the world with every Sensation show.

5. "The Mix"

The Mix was a brief 5-6 minute sideshow that was an outstanding display of music and stage production working together to deliver a powerful punch. Every bit of production power was unleashed onto the crowd which synchronized perfectly with the tracks, a mix of classics and recent hits. Even though it was a brief display, the mix served to take the party to the next level.

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