EDM Canada interviews Dom of Big Gigantic

 Dom from Big Gigantic

Dom from Big Gigantic

EDM Canada has gotten the chance to interview Dominic Lalli, one half of the duo that is the Big Gigantic. With Jeremy Salken, they are a dynamic live electronic dance music act who are known for their high energy shows. Dom and I talked about the upcoming album, his views on the current EDM scene in North America, and what makes a Big Gigantic show special. Check it out:







EDM Canada: Who is Big Gigantic?

Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic): It's myself, and Jeremy Salken is the other part of the group. I produce and play saxophone. Jeremy plays drums and we're an EDM duo.

Where are you from?

Boulder, Colorado.

Describe Big Gigantic's style

We play a lot of different styles within the EDM genre. I'd say we're a heavy drum bass and melodic with the drops. We're a mix between a DJ and a live band.

Last year you guys released an album called “Nocturnal” and I hear that you two are working on a new album, what can you tell me about it?

We're working on a new full length album. We're still working out on the details of the album as we're probably about half way through. We're getting really excited about it. I feel like it's the next level for us in terms of production and the sounds and all of the music that we're trying to get across. It's going to be our biggest album yet.

When will it be released and will it be available for free?

It will be released for free and be available everywhere. It will be available for free on our website/Soundcloud and also for sale on our website and iTunes. We're shooting for a September release, maybe late September.

You've recently collaborated with GriZ and Savoy, do you have any plans for future collaborations?

We're working on some collaborations/remixes for the album. We've got some stuff in the works for sure.

What do you think of the diversity of the present state of EDM and do you see it increasing as artists try to seek inspiration from different genres of music?

With Daft Punk's new album and other stuff, people are definitely looking for new directions and for ways to keep the EDM scene and their music fresh and alive. I don't think anything will take any major new direction but I think there will be a lot of growth of maybe adding some live instrumentation here and there. There won't be any major changes but EDM will keep on developing.

As a musician that incorporates live instruments into your electronic music performances, whats your view on the current evolution of the EDM boom in North America?

As a person I am so much more of an observer than someone that reacts to something. I've been making electronic music and also a saxophone player, so I could even play in an afrobeat band or a funk band. Seeing the whole thing change, it's been an interesting thing to tap into, it's crazy. It's super cool to be a part of in terms of being a fan because I love electronic music. I'm one of these people that came up with the scene in North America, in terms with me being introduced to all sorts of artists. I think being apart of this movement is a great thing, it's amazing, and I hope it just gets integrated with the rest of music. It's all just music and at the end of the day we gravitate towards it and it makes us feel like this or like that, and it helps us related to a certain situation. You're maybe a DJ and you're DJ'ing to convey a bigger picture of what you want to run through emotionally throughout the night, through the music that you're playing and where you want the highs and lows to be. It's almost the thing in terms of bands as the goals are the same. I hope the whole thing integrates more together. As being a saxophone player, a producer, and being apart of Big Gigantic, I hope to bridge this a bit. We're all in it because we love music and that's what is important. If everyone just came together and try to take things to the next level, we could further along music and the world could be so much bigger. It's unfortunate that on Twitter you see some bickering about this and that you forget that it's just music and we're here for that.

Do you think we'll see more live instruments being played at EDM events in the future like we see with Destroid, and the various live instrumental cameo's we saw at Ultra this year?

I don't know man, I'm not sure. Destroid and those guys are doing something. It could either happen and people welcome it more or it could be something that works against them. My hope that all of this just keeps integrating into something where it's all respected and moving everything forward.

What makes a Big Gigantic show special?

We just bring something different and we bring a ton of energy into the show. It's definitely like a raging dance party the whole night. I feel like we do a good job at integrating the whole thing together where you're at a high energy show where you get a little bit of rage as well as getting some melodies. It's a lot of different stuff going on. We're giving it our all. [laughs]

What do you have in store for all of those Toronto fans this weekend at The Hoxton?

We're going to play a headlining set, we got a great light show, we got a bunch of new music we're going to play. It's going to be a lot of fun, We played a show in Toronto for Bassmentality around 6 months ago with Foreign Beggars, so it's good to be back.

Big Gigantic releases all of their tracks for free on Soundcloud, so make sure to visit and download their entire discography!  

Big Gigantic will be playing live at The Hoxton this Friday in Toronto, click here for full ticket information. They will also be joining the Major Lazer, Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead and more at the Mad Decent Block Party on July 19th in Calgary, click here for full ticket information.

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