Yup, you can get married at EDC Las Vegas

Who's ready for some PLUR weddings at EDC Las Vegas?  Wedding packages range from $99 to $179, with the $99 "EDC traditional wedding" being performed by an "EDC Minister". The $179 package has Elvis performing the ceremony along with 2 songs. Both packages include the use of the "Electric Daisy Bouquet", and a special "souvenir certificate commemorating the special union."

One important note is that this EDC wedding ceremony is actually not legal as you will require to obtain a marriage license prior to the ceremony. With 345,000 planning on attending EDC Las Vegas this weekend, the odds of a few couples taking the big leap during the festivities is favourable.

For those wanting to seek a free option, EDC Las Vegas is also offering a free "wonderland renewal & commitment ceremonies" which is a "very sweet ceremony binds any couple or group of people together in love and friendship." Cute. This will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

For full information on EDC weddings, click here.