Pacha Ibiza's new direction

The Urgell's, the family behind the Pacha empire spanning from Ibiza to South America, have announced a new direction for their iconic Ibiza club via the New York Times. According to José Urgell, the ballooning DJ fees were the main issue:

“The D.J.’s wanted more money to play less,” said José Urgell, known as Piti, who is Mr. Urgell’s 65-year-old brother. “It was an abuse. We had to come up with a new plan because the old one was going to explode.” ...The budgets behind the dance business are ballooning, with superstar D.J.’s now commanding hundreds of thousands of dollars a night in the megaclubs of Ibiza and Las Vegas, where they once spun anonymously in the dark.”

While names such as Tiesto, Eric Morillo, Luciano, and Pete Tong will no longer be with Pacha this season, David Guetta still retains his night while Guy Gerber was signed for a weekly residency that will "feature indie bands, magicians, fortunetelling machines, maybe a puppeteer." Piti Urgell will also be spinning classic rock 'n' roll in a weekly event they call 'Flower Power'.

With the launch of two new mega clubs in Las Vegas, Hakkasan and Light, it will be interesting to watch how Pacha's new direction will fare versus the big name DJ events in Las Vegas this summer.

(Source: New York Times)