In their own words: Borgore and Skream on moving away from Dubstep

A while ago I asked the question on this site whether dubstep peaked based on data found in Google Trends, but now in the past few days some of the biggest names in dubstep have spoken vocally about their move away from the genre that had initially made them famous. I'm talking about Borgore and Skream, who have both publicly expressed their transition away from dubstep to other genres such as house.

In this video interview made by, Borgore goes into detail about transitioning himself and his label away from dubstep. He also makes a few interesting points about trap music:

Skream sat down with Beatport for an interview that had one of the originators of dubstep talk about his current views on the genre:

"To be honest, it’s become extremely over-saturated as a genre. A lot of people bought into it because it became an easy way to get an edgy chart record, especially major labels. That’s why there is so much shit out there now, courtesy of people with no love or care for the music. The thing is that I see people saying it’s dead because I’ve stopped playing just that....I think the profile of dubstep will drop again and you will have the cycle where people start pushing a more sincere and different sound."

To read more about how Skream planned his transition away from dubstep, click here. If you want to hear what Skream is into, then go check out the mix he created for Pete Tong's Miami 2013 album now available on Beatport.