Laidback Luke the Kung-Fu master?

Here's a picture I found from Team Kung Fu Holland's Facebook page:

Seems like Laidback Luke (pictured right) has been holding out on the EDM community as we learn that his mastery behind the DJ decks is not his only deadly skill. According to a recent interview with Huffington Post (VIA @Lowpass), Laidback Luke has been intensely training kung fu since his mid-20s in order to stay fit which has apparently evolved into a serious hobby as he trains at least an hour a day to keep his level up. He has done so well in the revered Chinese martial art that he has won 4 gold medals and 1 silver at a recent world kung fu competition in Hong Kong. Laidback Luke loves kung fu so much that he even hinted of possibly becoming an instructor after he's done with DJ'ing. Pretty cool I say.