Mad Decent Block Party tickets are now on sale

The big surprise announced today is that the Mad Decent Block Party this year is now charging $20 per ticket for early bird tickets with an expected jump in price after the lineup is released. I think having to pay for tickets this year vs. a previously free event last year was a wise move. Why? Because Mad Decent promises bigger venues, bigger acts, and more production as stated on the official Facebook page earlier today. It also allows you to share the experience with other paying and passionate fans. When it's free, you run the risk of overcrowding the place with people that may or may not be familiar with the scene. Sometimes that can be a good thing as more people are introduced to EDM but I personally prefer an overall better show.

The Mad Decent Block Party in Toronto on Friday, July 26th will be held at Fort York, while the Calgary event on Friday, July 19th is still yet to announce the location. If you want to secure your tickets now before the expected price jump after the lineup announcement, then click here for the Toronto event, and here for Calgary.