Diplo and DJ BL3ND's camps break out into a "physical fight" at L.A conference *Updated

Quoted from inthemix:

"...things got heated when Diplo mentioned that L.A. identity DJ BL3ND’s three million Facebook fans don’t stack up to the size of the shows he plays (“I’m pretty sure I’m bigger than DJ BL3ND,” he quipped, having earlier made it clear he’s a fan), before DJ BL3ND’s manager popped up in question time to reel off the large-scale shows his client does play. Cue an extended awkward moment. After the session, a physical fight even broke out between members of both camps."

Diplo tweeted the following during the conference:

The drama in EDM continues.

Billboard revealed a few details about the altercation yesterday:

"After the panel was over, Haddad and Kusatsu seemed to be having a civil conversation at the side of the room before an aggressive fight began very quickly. It was unclear who threw the first punch, but Satien Mehta of Haddad's Hashtag Management -- who was standing next to Haddad -- was hit during the altercation. The two men had to be forcibly separated and continued to go at each other after IMS officials intervened.

Haddad returned to the hall after the fight and was seen speaking with security. Kusatsu did not reappear."