EDC Las Vegas mainstage to offer Hardstyle, House, Trance, and even Techno this year

From inthemix.com:

“Especially on our largest stage, we’re going to have everything from hardstyle to house to dubstep to trance to techno,” Rotella told inthemix of the line-up."

“It’s going to be different. We’re actually going to have a hardstyle act play on our mainstage, which has never been done in the United States. We’re going to experiment.” In 2012, the line-up was revealed in April, so the EDC team won’t keep us waiting for long."

Great news for those that are yearning to experience a little something different at a major festival. Will the fans that are more accustomed to hearing big room sounds stick around on the mainstage to check out other acts outside their favourite EDM genre? Or will fans instead decide to pack smaller stages as Rotella puts on more experimental acts on the mainstage?

It's an interesting experiment from the Insomniac boss who promised a year ago to change things up by emphasizing the EDC experience rather than booking the biggest names.