Must-read article: Ten Hours Trapped at the Trapped Stage at UMF

Written in a similar style as inthemix's review of DJ Pauly D's event in Australia, Miami NewTimes' writer Kat Bein spent ten hours reporting from UMF's trapped stage with hilarious results:

03:39 p.m.
...So far, we have learned that "getting money" is vital to anyone in the trap. We don't have very much money right now. We might have to start sticking bros and raiding their hoods.
04:50 p.m.
FACT: Trap music makes girls of all races dance like they're trying to get pregnant.
07:10 p.m
Nadastrom from D.C. are bringing the tropical vibe to Miami. The crowd is feeling it, but you can tell they still want more of that "real trap shit."

Go read the whole play-by-play report, you won't regret it.

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