Watch this: Bob Sinclar interviewed by Joachim Garraud *Updated

For those that do not know, Bob Sinclar was one of the first French DJ/producers that gained international fame in the 1990s with hits such as 'Love Generation' and 'World, Hold On'. Fellow French DJ/producer Joachim Garraud sat down with him in L.A for an intimate interview, check it out: (Warning: It's in French but there are subtitles)

One quote that stuck with me was when Bob Sinclar explained on how he kept his sound fresh he said "if you follow the trends you're already out" because if you follow what's already hot then you're already too late. Interesting interview.

If you're interested to hear more from Bob Sinclar then check out his weekly show:


You can also listen to Joachim Garraud's 'Zemixx' show on iTunes.

Update: Bob Sinclar was recently added to the Digital Dreams lineup that will take place on June 29th-30th in Toronto:

For full ticket information, click here.