Watch this: Baauer's 'Harlem Shake' goes full viral *Udpate III

I'm not quite sure how it all started but the 'Harlem Shake' dance has caught on like wildfire on Youtube while the online community of Reddit has been stoking the flames. According to a Reddit thread, the first original 'Harlem Shake' video was released 5 days ago:

On the same day these two videos were released:

Yesterday these guys took the concept to a whole new level with an entire office doing the Harlem Shake:

Hilarious Peanuts version was posted today:

Collectively these videos have been viewed 1,267,228 times, not bad for just 5 days.

Has the 'Harlem Shake' phenomenon already hit its peak or is it just the beginning? This thing looks like it has legs and has the potential to build up to become an international sensation. So stay tuned as the world might be doing the 'Harlem Shake' not before long.

Here are the latest videos gaining traction:

Today's Harlem Shake winner goes to T-Pain:

Norwegian Army edition: