Armin Van Buuren & W&W - 'D# Fat': Is it a sign of a style change for Armin?

Labelled as 'Progressive House' by Beatport, Armin Van Buuren's collaboration with W&W is available now:

To put this latest release into context, I have found a few choice quotes from Armin regarding house music in his DJ Mag interview:

"I've been really impressed by a lot of the new house guys..All that new energy that they're bringing, I thought 'OK, this is the future'."
"Of course, I 'm jealous of some other DJs and their sound, but I can't change my sound. It would be too far away from my heart. I can't do something I can't love."

And on W&W:

"Some guys like W&W are playing a more house-based strand of trance, and all the styles are merging. Some people call Swedish House Mafia trance. But people are still experimenting with the harder edge of trance. It is not just one sound."

Could 'D# Fat' be a signal of the beginning of a style change for trance legend Armin Van Buuren? We've already seen Armin dabble with more Progressive House sounding tracks in 2012 such as 'We Are Here to Make Some Noise'. With a new album already finished and promised by Armin to be "very different" because he's been "drawn to different musical styles", trance fans should brace themselves as we could see a very different Armin Van Buuren in 2013.

(Source: DJ Mag, ASOT, inthemix)