Beatport's top Monday releases (Sneijder, Fitzpatrick, JOOF, Schulz)

Every Monday of each week is usually a huge release date from many labels on Beaport and this week was no exception. Here are my favourite new releases out of the bunch, all available now on Beaport:

Neptune Project feat. Polly Strange - 'The Inside' (Sneijder Remix) Beatport

Renato Cohen - 'Pontape 2013 Remake' (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) Beaport

This is the first track from JOOF's upcoming album: John '00' Fleming - 'WKO' (Original Mix) Beaport

To read the EDM Canada interview with JOOF, click here.

Markus Schulz - 'The Spiritual Gateway (Transmission Theme 2013)' Beatport (VIA Dancing Astronaut)