Facebook troll group took aim at W&W during ASOT 600's broadcast in Mexico

A Facebook group called 'Trance Producers Trolls' aimed their sights on Dutch duo W&W on Saturday night during A State of Trance 600 in Mexico City. 'Trance Producers Trolls' galvanized their supporters to use the 'poop' emoticon on W&W's page:

(VIA Trancefix)

The reason given by 'Trance Producer Trolls' own Facebook page was to "let those trousers understand no place for shitty music in ASOT!" combined with "come on we gonna caption this , the worst day in their life!" Following the mass messages of "poop", Trance Producers Trolls, a page with 18,000 likes, claimed that "more than 2000" were banned from the W&W Facebook page.

Meanwhile various Trance DJs have spoken vocally on Twitter in support of W&W:

The creators of 'Trance Producers Trolls' remains unknown as their About page describes them as "Trance Producers Trolls is just to make you laugh nothing personal, make some memes and post them on wall or send them as msg . cheers." Their targets have recently extended beyond the Trance genre when they asked their group to "poop" on Steve Aoki's 'Tag Yo Self!' pictures on Facebook.

While there remains a lot of opportunities for constructive criticism in the EDM world, simply trolling DJ fan pages is counter-productive and paints a negative picture for Trance fans all over the world.

W&W is slated to play in four more A State of Trance 600 events including Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Guatemala City, and New York.