The weird story of Azealia Banks, Baauer, and Perez Hilton *Updated

In Azealia Banks' world, engaging in one feud isn't enough as she apparently needs two separate feuds at the same time to keep her engaged. Her squabbles involve Baauer for her unauthorized use of recently #1 iTunes track 'Harlem Shake', and Perez Hilton with her all too frequent use of the word "Faggot".

Spin wrote a fantastic article describing both of these feuds at the same time while Fact Mag wrote an earlier piece summarizing the Baauer-Banks feud.

For the more adventurous types you can even read the raw Twitter conversation first between Baauer-Banks that eventually devolves into a weird Twitter duel between Banks-Hilton.

As these events have yet to fully unfold, Azealia Banks released a video for her highly controversial version of the 'Harlem Shake':


Yesterday Azealia Banks had this to say about Diplo:

According to Fact Mag (VIA Pitchfork), Azealia Banks sent a Twitter message to Baauer stating that she has emails that show Baauer giving her permission to use Harlem Shake.

This post will be updated if new developments arise.