Al Walser and the Grammys

Tonight is the 55th edition of the Grammys but to the people in the EDM world this day will be remembered as the time when a single producer managed beyond all odds to secure a Grammy nomination in the same category as Skrillex, Avicii, Calvin Harris, and the Swedish House Mafia. His name is Al Walser, the Swiss-Born Liechtensteiner. 

To those that are still not in the know, years prior to his Grammy nod Al Walser wrote a book titled "Musicians Make It Big: An Insider Reveals the Secret Path to Break in Today's Music Industry" which should become a best seller as Al Walser proved that his methods have worked. Without a label and PR people backing him, Al Walser used his networking skills via the Grammy365 social media platform to secure a highly unlikely Grammy nomination. Are we to deride him for his effort? I don't think so. If you are an unsigned producer wouldn't you also try to do anything you can to make it in the notoriously difficult music business?

According to Rich Bengloff, the President of the American Association of Independent Music:

"We believe in fairness, access and a level playing field," Bengloff said. "And those other artists could have also worked the Grammy365 platform if they were so inclined, and I bet a lot of them did. ... We just like the fact that The Recording Academy is very inclusive and that they give independents the same access and treat them with the same respect as every other artist that's out there."

(Source: The Huffington Post)

Before we watch the Grammys tonight and witness Al Walser's likely 15 minutes of fame you should read out this excellent interview with the man himself on and give props to a producer who surprised the monolithic music industry for one night.