Rumour: Is SFX buying Beatport?

Robert Sillerman's SFX, the company that has recently partnered with ID&T to bring Tomorrowland to North America has a new buyout rumour circulating Twitter: that Beatport might be next on the SFX acquisition road map. 

The first I had of this rumour came from @EDMsnob:

The rumour of a buyout was amplified when Seth Goldstein, DJZ's co-founder and chairman of, said the following:


The link provided shows a listing for a new LLC called "SFX-BEATPORT, LLC".

Beatport is at the heart of the electronic dance music world as it is the main source for DJs to buy club quality tracks that fuels set lists all over the world. It's going to be interesting to say the least if SFX manages to buy one of the most valuable EDM web properties in the world.